5 May 2019 – 29 March 2020
47 Digital Images
Numbers 553 – 600

This collaboration with the National Justice Museum and Nottingham Prison is unique. A prisoner at Nottingham responds to the question ‘WHAT MAKES YOU/YOU? ‘ and Sally creates a digital image inspired by the response. The result is an interactive, social media, digital art project involving people who are seldom involved in the contemporary art scene and who are usually just forgotten. Like no other artist, Sally makes the individual the center of the work where both the individual and the artist are their own feedback loop.

WHAT MAKES YOU/YOU? at NOTTINGHAM PRISON – publicity regarding this project has been deliberately suppressed for fear that people would complain that prisoners, perhaps dangerous ones, were being allowed to interact with a creative art project. Sally’s response ‘Sadly, this is ‘WHAT MAKES US/US?’.

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