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A very big ‘thank you’ to everyone who submitted an answer to the question What Makes You You?, and to everyone who has supported the project – it has been an amazing journey and my favorite project of all time! My only regret is that did I did not have the time to make an image for every answer.



Below are some of the comments to the visual responses created by Sally.

I am honored. It is beautiful. Mahalo nui loa…

I love it, very impressed.

You have created an image of the inside of my head and in the colours of my heart – I feel understood and joyful. This IS what is going on for me vividly portrayed. Amazing!

Many thanks for this, what a great idea – personal, special and shared with the world.

Feels exactly right!

I love all these, what a great series!

It’s beautiful! Thank you xxxxxx

I love it. It works beautifully. I’m honored that my line inspired you to create the image.

Love it

Thanks for your response to my text, its great.

Thank you, Sally! It is very beautiful and very much ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wonderful, thank you.

Love it Sally

Love it, thanks

I love it! I knew it would be red, white and blue :)

That’s really cool! Thanks a million

Really like it!

Thank you so much for creating the image, it’s brilliant, I really love it!

Thank you so much for the image it’s great!

You’ve made my sunny day!!! What a lovely pic. And totally me flying high with all my creative ideas. I love the participatory work you are doing with others. Thanks again for choosing my statement. :0)

It is wonderful thank you so much

Thanks Sally – it’s great !!

yes i like it, i didn’t think more about our conversation, this was a good surprise, great


That’s rather interesting – I hadn’t anticipated such a diagrammatic response – it’s almost as if you’ve kind of “illustrated” the quote – I expected something more abstract (if I expected anything) but certain clues, like the American flag and use of symbols make me realise that it’s as if you had applied the quote to yourself: your history, your biology… I like the colours and wiggly lines, and I’m very pleased that you used the quote

Sally it’s great it really illustrates that section! Thank you . You should make a book of these. It’s fascinating both what the artist gas to say but also how you interpret each work. !

Thank you Sally, have captured in full my idea!

Thanks Sally, very much enjoyed it

Way cool! It is me. Nature, isolation, deeply rooted to the earth.

Very interesting. And blue is my favorite color!

I like it a lot. Thanks. An honor. And tops my day.

“This is amazing Sally thank you so much!” It is so thought provoking Sally and my favorite colour! I’m flattered!

It’s absolutely brilliant!!! Thank you so much! I love it! – Great timing as I am currently doing some strategic thinking on my World Domination plan!

Very nice

Lovely Sally, fantastic and thank you!

Awesome :)

Thank your for the painting of me. It is very perceptive.

An accurate depiction

Wow, it’s really beautiful, thank you so much for picking my submission!

Wow Sally…..I love it….you really captured how I feel…..thank you so much…

Thank you for the wonderful image. Your work inspires me every day.

I am now studying at University of Derby towards a degree in film production.

I love the image that you have created . I was wondering how you would create it if you choose it for one of your pieces. It’s very exciting and i love it

Thanks a lot for choosing my answer. It’s a wonderful image!!! In a way it fits a lot since I like my garden a lot!

Thank you very much for choosing my submission – it is really lovely indeed!

Keep on a great job!

Thank you so much. I’m so grateful for your wonderful soul and project. it’s been 3 nearly 4 years since I was diagnosed with it. God is truly amazing. I’m now 20 years old and had a solo exhibition and finished my foundation art an design course.

I’m so chuffed.

Woooooo! I love it!!

Love it! I think that kind of sums me up

It’s wonderful – love the obliqueness and ambiguity of it…

This is amazing Sally, thanks

wow! that’s pretty marvelous

thank you very much!

Yes spot on!

Thank you, You made me beautiful! I needed that! Two of my best colors happen to be rosy beige and french blue, you have a real gift transfering peoples thoughts to art! Thanks again wonderful job!

What a pleasant surprise!

Yes, thank you very much! I’m very glad my answer inspired you!

Ooh exciting!

It’s fantastic!!! I’m so happy that you chose also my “saying” for your painting!

Wonderful – a surprising image. It is as if you know far more about what is behind my statement than I have told you. You convey so much more than you should be able to. What is also interesting is that I get a sense of the anxiety being stretched to breaking point, and that is where I find myself now (certainly in the last few days) which has come about after I gave you the line!! That is astonishing and a little bit spooky…Thank you

Thank you – it is great, I love it! It makes me feel like the pharaohs in Egypt, so I hope I find the treasure soon.

Thanks Sally – that’s great!

Sally, thanks for the image, its striking and suggests a number of different things to me, A lot of zig-zagging, back and forth between alternatives, which certainly is very much how I am. Also, it suggests electricity, perhaps the currents that run through my brain – a map of my synapses. Interestingly it also suggests thorns, a recurring image in my own work as an artist. But perhaps these thorns are also points of meeting between myself and the Other I pursue, or who pursues me. Good luck with the project, thanks again,

I feel honoured that my answer was one of those that you selected. I have tweeted it and will keep helping with publicity as and when I can. I think it’s  a great project and I really do love quite a few of your ipad pictures.

I love it!

Focus on the brightness of it. Intense and fulfilling…just like Life

Ohhhhh I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! It’s just made my day to receive your email!! Thank you so much. I am on maternity leave at the moment — I had twin boys in March — so not very cash rich, but as soon as I am working again I would LOVE to buy a signed print of my image!!!!!

The WMYY project is fantastic — you’ll certainly never run out of inspiration as it’s constantly changing! Thanks once again.

It is vibrant and passionate Sally..I love it…u have a wonderful site…thank you for including me..have a fabulous Friday and weekend!!!!

Thank you…I feel honoured indeed..

look what Sally Sheinman made of my self description (196) – we’ve never met, but this made me tearful, I felt very ‘seen’…thank you Sally!

Thank you Sally Sheinman , I’ve just seen this. Great project.

I love it! Thank you so much! What a super project!

love it fab thank you …x

I am very pleased with the artwork you did for me. It symbolises just how I feel.
Thank you,

great project, great Art.

It’s lovely – such a simple but profound idea and beautifully executed. Having just looked at the website, feel quite uplifted!

It was a thought provoking question, yet one that I could respond to fairly immediately.  I also liked the fact that you are using a digital means to spread the message, and to generate the images, perfect for the online context.

love the WMYY project, nice idea! Great work too!

Thank you Sally, gives pleasure to share your initiative.

I love your project!! I just need to think of my answer.

Brilliant. Am trying to get my head (& hand) around the various iPad drawing Apps. Difficult as I’m old school and like to make a mess. You’ve cracked it

I think it’s such a great concept. 

Since the moment I saw your works I fell in love for them!
They are very lovely, and I identify myself with them.
How nice your project! It’s a very interesting this question…

Love the idea of this Sally, but just can’t think how to sum up ME! Keep up the good work.

beautiful work, I like a lot

your work speaks for its self, its wonderful!

You doing wonderful, I find it amazing! How different there are from the one before and the one after ! There as individual as the people, that answered your question ! And I loved them all

Nice project and my best compliments for sharing it

Lovely project

Great work Sally Sheinman :)

Great job!!!


the concept of this idea is truly unique , absolutely brilliant.

fabulous work

Beautiful … spermatozoa?

these are amazing Sally

Hope your response’s are positive! Beautiful work

I’m just amazed at how you come up with so many different images, Sally. Brilliant.

Love this one! (184)

Wow, Sally, going from strength to strength!

Super drawing….having the freedom to choose is powerful

Love it.. super interesting!

..great work on showing the difference….I love how you did the slight difference in shading!

The WMYY project is fantastic — you’ll certainly never run out of inspiration as it’s constantly changing!
I do like your latest work – really interesting.

Omg. Breathtaking . I love this and your work !!! A stitch in time ( endless) I thank you for all you kindness xoxoxo.

You’ve come up with such amazing ‘portraits’ every day in this project, Sally, I am in awe.

Love it…you are drawn inside to experience what makes Nicola Nicola…

Super project…so well done….you must feel so good about your accomplishment !!