What Makes You You? The answers act as an inspiration for the artist Sally Sheinman to do a unique ipad image – a new kind of portraiture.

426 + high-res version

number 426
I was born and brought up in a family of many brothers and sisters and that was of middle class. We were poor in money but rich in culture. Every brother and sister was engaged in doing cultural activities, somebody used to sing, somebody used to dance, some body used to paint etc.etc.,naturally, rhythm and melody was in my blood. I liked to paint from my early ages, and when I attained maturity I had addicted to invent a style of my own in my paintings, so in my journey through paintings I came across with many colors, they became my friends, I talked to them to find their nature their moods etc. and so they make me what I am in my paintings.
inspired by Anjan Sengupta

IMG_0713 + high-res version

number 425

I am interesting because I look deeper seeing things others may miss a sort of ex-ray vision that helps me in my art and that can make me sensitive and see the funny side of a situation. I have a good sense of humour and friends love that and people I have just met too. I am lucky and tragic at the same time. Synchronicity in my life happens a lot and amazingly doors open for me. I love to love adore people and animals especially cats and I express myself in my paintings. Painting to me is a daily practice searching always for more. I like my own company too and like to spend time in my garden growing things and watching wild life by the river. In the summer I love to swim wild swimming in rivers and the sea. I love to travel but not to tick boxes but to discover and absorb the different cultures. I am a happy person sad things have happened to me and that has made me strong! I am sensual and love to dance! I believe in karma and past lives. I love astrology the energies of the signs in our time my time helps me to understand what’s going on in my life. Mostly I love nature sunshine thunderstorms …….
inspired by Christine Spencer-green

423 + high-res version

number 423
I am allergic to injustice. Brings me out in a rash. My Dad, made me both physically, emotionally, and socially. He left us in 1988 and the world was a poorer place for it. A true hero to me, and many others. I had him tattooed on my arm, doing what he loved best. Soaring alone, above the clouds, in his WW2 Spitfire. He watches my every move. I say Hi to him every morning in the shower, and he makes me smile. His common sense, compassion and infectious Yorkshire humour were passed on in my genes and my attitudes. I have to stop writing this, as I’m welling up. Joe Bell. That,s what makes me. I try anyway.
inspired by Nigel Bell

419 + high-res version

number 419
A set of 23 chromosomes, energy systems at times too tightly wired. A need therefore to connect to nature, to bathe in remote dark ponds and to experience the green fields of childhood. It is unconditional LOVE that I wish to feel yet the trivia of life can sometimes prevail.
inspired by Gina Glover

417 + high-res version

number 417
Now that I’m 60 I suppose many things have made me me: love for my family, enabling and protecting of children and people with learning disabilities, love of Greece, need of the sun and the sea, the desire to share good experiences, and the need for some alone time.
inspired by Eugene Kelly

415 + high-res version

number 415
I have a very strong sense of who I am but it may not be as objective as it probably should be. As I grow older and having both children and grandchildren I see that people and that goes for myself too do not essentially change in character from when they are very young. Certain social constrictions, religion, school, friends, parental and social mores help to form and steer that essential you.

Really the essential me is being aware of the natural world which I am very privileged to observe with my field and orchard. I can find moments of pure peace and fulfilment there knowing also that I have truly wonderful friends and family I can return to anytime. I frequently get many wonderful experiences such as swimming in the sea as I did in Norfolk last week……it was cold but I felt absolutely alive. Something about being in water connects me to the
Universe…….may be it’s something to do with us coming from the Primordial Slime. Connections to do with literature particularly poetry and viewing art are also profoundly important.

inspired by Angus Macdonald

408 + high-res version

number 408
All the moments I experience, all the dreams I dream, all the emotions I feel, all the landscapes, all the art I see, all the music I hear, and all the people I meet. All the me I’ve been, all the me I would be, all the me I am and I’ll always be (as if ego really existed).
inspired by Gab Mi Teva

image + high-res version

number 404
What is the use of knowing what makes me to you? There are so many things to do here, than knowing me and asking me questions, is it? I know me and till this 55 years, I lived in this beautiful universe, studied, did all my responsibilities as a daughter, sister wife and as a mum, now no regrets, peacefully living with a health blessed by the lord, and helping the needy with whatever I can, knowing the ultimate truth, all this I was able to do because of thy blessings dear friend.
inspired by Balambika Krishnakumar

image + high-res version

number 403
I am on a journey through time, through many parallel universe on the choices I have made and yet to make. Leaving landmarks of Joy. Laughter. Miseries. Sadness kindness on my way to the unknown future. Hope is my legs that carries not just my weight but the weight of my responsibilities. What makes me me is the identity I was given by my parents – wasn’t my choice. My name remained the same but I evolved into different personalities during the years. My name is what I am.
inspired by Tallal Gul Aga

398 + high-res version

number 398
I would say it has to be the simple things in life like just appreciating everything I have. I was 22 years living on the streets of London’s west end as a chronic alcoholic. In that time I lost everything at first my self-respect and then my respect for everyone else around me. My main aim in life was to survive and use and abuse all to gain my next bottle. In 1995 I was picked up by the police in the middle of the Edgeware Road crawling on my hands and knees with severe d/ts I had pissed myself and shit myself and was at death’s door. They took me to St. Mary’s hospital in Paddington (luckily enough for me or I probably would have died in a police cell) I was in hospital for 6 weeks and then went to a dry unit for 6 weeks. I then moved to a half way house in the east end. I realized I had a second chance to make some thing of my life. It was like starting from scratch I had to love myself again so that I could love others and gain myself respect again so as to respect others. I know have a 1 bedroom flat and everything I own I have paid for I don’t owe anybody anything which I’m proud of. What makes me, me is the fact I did it for me and I am now able to share myself with others for better words. I sell my art at Greenwich market every Saturday and Sunday. I appreciate that everyone is different and I just love what you do. I know now that life is precious and I wake up every day and I smile just because I can xx
inspired by anonymous