What Makes You You? The answers act as an inspiration for the artist Sally Sheinman to do a unique ipad image – a new kind of portraiture.

398 + high-res version

number 398
I would say it has to be the simple things in life like just appreciating everything I have. I was 22 years living on the streets of London’s west end as a chronic alcoholic. In that time I lost everything at first my self-respect and then my respect for everyone else around me. My main aim in life was to survive and use and abuse all to gain my next bottle. In 1995 I was picked up by the police in the middle of the Edgeware Road crawling on my hands and knees with severe d/ts I had pissed myself and shit myself and was at death’s door. They took me to St. Mary’s hospital in Paddington (luckily enough for me or I probably would have died in a police cell) I was in hospital for 6 weeks and then went to a dry unit for 6 weeks. I then moved to a half way house in the east end. I realized I had a second chance to make some thing of my life. It was like starting from scratch I had to love myself again so that I could love others and gain myself respect again so as to respect others. I know have a 1 bedroom flat and everything I own I have paid for I don’t owe anybody anything which I’m proud of. What makes me, me is the fact I did it for me and I am now able to share myself with others for better words. I sell my art at Greenwich market every Saturday and Sunday. I appreciate that everyone is different and I just love what you do. I know now that life is precious and I wake up every day and I smile just because I can xx
inspired by anonymous

380 + high-res version

number 380
What makes me me?..I think it is the struggle I have had with the religion I was born into, a divorce and excommunication associated to it..and now the realization that ART has replaced the religion, Art is now my religion and all that is human that it loves and celebrates…it has saved me because with it I don’t feel lost.
inspired by Lorin Humphreys

372 + high-res version

number 372

What makes me, me… ?
My Relationship by faith, with God.
My isolation…
that I’m an often times loser, but a fighter
The fact that I’m CaribBritish, with a primarily British sensibility, that I’m An Artist,
A Singer/Songer,
A Writer!

That I think ALL Art is Writing..
That I’m A single man with lots of Electric Friends and,
but a few Real Ones,
that I coin New phrases, and find that exiting,
Have umpteen unfulfilled potential, that I’m a private person who loves People..
these are some of the things that make me who I am,
as far as I can see

inspired by Tony Gohagan