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In collaboration with Narture, they bake bread to earn the dough to fund arts projects.

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Born in Cambridgeshire to an English mother & Scottish father. This is very significant to me and numerous childhood visits to Scotland makes me feel it’s my spiritual home, in spite of living in England all my life. 
I am the youngest of two siblings, a brother and a sister who I see regularly and am close to. 
I’ve been married to Pete, a comedy writer for nearly thirty years and we have identical twin sons aged 26. One of our sons is currently living in Colombia, while the other is in Scotland. Pete and I continue to live in London.  
I worked for many years in the public sector as a family aid worker and latterly as a student disability advisor in Higher Education before becoming a full time self taught artist 15 years or so ago. It’s been a challenging but interesting transition. I’m in the throes of being evicted from my studio for the third time this summer due to the gentrification of SE London…

inspired by Kate Murdoch


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