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I would say it has to be the simple things in life like just appreciating everything I have. I was 22 years living on the streets of London’s west end as a chronic alcoholic. In that time I lost everything at first my self-respect and then my respect for everyone else around me. My main aim in life was to survive and use and abuse all to gain my next bottle. In 1995 I was picked up by the police in the middle of the Edgeware Road crawling on my hands and knees with severe d/ts I had pissed myself and shit myself and was at death’s door. They took me to St. Mary’s hospital in Paddington (luckily enough for me or I probably would have died in a police cell) I was in hospital for 6 weeks and then went to a dry unit for 6 weeks. I then moved to a half way house in the east end. I realized I had a second chance to make some thing of my life. It was like starting from scratch I had to love myself again so that I could love others and gain myself respect again so as to respect others. I know have a 1 bedroom flat and everything I own I have paid for I don’t owe anybody anything which I’m proud of. What makes me, me is the fact I did it for me and I am now able to share myself with others for better words. I sell my art at Greenwich market every Saturday and Sunday. I appreciate that everyone is different and I just love what you do. I know now that life is precious and I wake up every day and I smile just because I can xx
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