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number 230
The loss of my Mum a long, long time ago and the struggle of having to try and cope on the inside and yet be strong on the outside, whilst at the same time needing to grow up fast and take care of my dad who was falling apart. The bond between my dad and me and the way that there is so much of him inside of me. The unconditional love I have for my two daughters. The unbreakable friendship with Simon Richard Stevenson Hoare, (my best friend and brother). The pain and the relief of getting Divorced. Falling in love. Being a single parent. My little cottage, (it’s like an old friend, it keeps me safe and is definitely my home). My passion for music and seeing bands play live, Bradford City Football Club, Away trips, Big nights out. Any night out. Having ginger hair. Being very tall. Never taking myself or life too seriously. Always wanting to have the most fun. Being an eternal optimist. Being friendly, polite and having a smile on my face. Cooking. Food. Wine. Lager. Books. Art. Records. Clothes. Dancing. Running. Friends. My beautiful friend. Music. Music. Music.
inspired by Simon Edward Settle


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