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number 244
There was once an anxious ball in my stomach which nearly killed me, that made me fear everything. It’s gone now but it has left a scare that makes me fear the unknown. I consider myself humorous though I lack confidence, although I think that I am very talented. I was once accused of fearing failure, but what I feared was success! I am moving forward now because I feel something has replaced that ball, a feeling I’d like to keep to myself. Appropriating images gives me the instant gratification that I can handle as an artist, I’ve tried painting…..it always changes and alters, that causes me frustration. I love the colour blue, the kinda blue that you see highlighting the ‘high beam’ in your car. My fears make me…..me.
inspired by Clay Smith


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  1. Clay Smith #
    May 4, 2014

    Thank you ever so much! This image really does capture something of my insides and how lively i sometimes feel with myself. However it also makes me feel like i should venture outdoors into the unknown and grasp life a bit more…it looks like fun! Thank you.

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