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I have a very strong sense of who I am but it may not be as objective as it probably should be. As I grow older and having both children and grandchildren I see that people and that goes for myself too do not essentially change in character from when they are very young. Certain social constrictions, religion, school, friends, parental and social mores help to form and steer that essential you.

Really the essential me is being aware of the natural world which I am very privileged to observe with my field and orchard. I can find moments of pure peace and fulfilment there knowing also that I have truly wonderful friends and family I can return to anytime. I frequently get many wonderful experiences such as swimming in the sea as I did in Norfolk last week……it was cold but I felt absolutely alive. Something about being in water connects me to the
Universe…….may be it’s something to do with us coming from the Primordial Slime. Connections to do with literature particularly poetry and viewing art are also profoundly important.

inspired by Angus Macdonald


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