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number 425

I am interesting because I look deeper seeing things others may miss a sort of ex-ray vision that helps me in my art and that can make me sensitive and see the funny side of a situation. I have a good sense of humour and friends love that and people I have just met too. I am lucky and tragic at the same time. Synchronicity in my life happens a lot and amazingly doors open for me. I love to love adore people and animals especially cats and I express myself in my paintings. Painting to me is a daily practice searching always for more. I like my own company too and like to spend time in my garden growing things and watching wild life by the river. In the summer I love to swim wild swimming in rivers and the sea. I love to travel but not to tick boxes but to discover and absorb the different cultures. I am a happy person sad things have happened to me and that has made me strong! I am sensual and love to dance! I believe in karma and past lives. I love astrology the energies of the signs in our time my time helps me to understand what’s going on in my life. Mostly I love nature sunshine thunderstorms …….
inspired by Christine Spencer-green


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