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So what makes me/me. is a damaged person who was abused sexually at the age of 11, before then I lived in a world of Barbie’s and pink fluffy stuff, from the age of 11 I lived a life that was fractured between the life of a child who saw the world in bright colours, but saw the night as a fractured element of fear and of strange noises and frightening hand written notes, from that moment I was always told that what made me was the fact I was different, and yet I tried to live in a world that I should conform to and yet I didn’t and still don’t. So what makes me/ me is I am an outsider looking in, and yet I act as if I fit into the world, I speak and I react as if I belong in a world and yet I have never been seen as myself. I have an inner peace in this knowledge actually. The hidden part of pain has never been expressed to the real world so I am amazing in the fact that I have this darkness and a fabulous led light for the outside world! So that is me! What makes me, me is a fractured but interesting concoction of dark, that is cracked with the chance of hope, and elements of normality that is a fundamental element of normality. Part of me feel that most of us are concocted of this mixture…..?1? I will never truly fit I am like marmite and yet I can cope with that!
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