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I am a mother of three and grandmother of three girls. My family has always been important and making secure foundations has been a priority. Then I can paint. On the outside I am quite ordinary and people are quite surprised by the unique paintings and imaginative storytelling. I am shy and prefer to be in the background. All group photographs tend to show me on the middle to back row, often to the left and slightly hidden by the person in front. Although I organised a French/UK exchange recently and I was firmly centre stage in a group photo. I was OK about it. I established studios comprising of 18 spaces over eleven years ago. They are closing next month for a number of reasons. Many of the artists have been there for the duration so it will be sad. But I know I have given it my absolute best so I’m OK. As long as my conscience is good I’m OK. My career is going well but this also makes me nervous. I don’t handle the pressure well and tend to return to my shell. Also i don’t make the best work under pressure.
A few years ago I made the decision to slow down the process and the work has more tedious, decorative elements combined with gestural marks. This process isn’t good when galleries want more of your work when you are producing less! I have lots of different groups of friends but I’m also happy with my own company. I have a shed at the bottom of my garden where I paint. This is my oasis. I will miss my studio in Long Eaton but I think I will cope. I will get another space in Nottingham eventually as I will miss those conversations you can only have with other artists

inspired by Jackie Berridge


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