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number 608
I am a little girl in a 48 year woman’s body. I drink robots tea and ginger. I love chicory and rocket and Ferrero rocher. I like and need my own company but I also like to share with close friends and family. I love dancing and being creative. I shout when I get frustrated and get loud when I am excited. I want to help others and I want to be loved and liked. I often fear that I am not good enough. I worry about making the wrong decisions but I don’t worry as much as I used to. I practice meditation and want to grow spiritually and emotionally. I like beauty and I am in awe of nature. I love my partner, I love intimacy and sex. I am touchy feel you. I cry easily. I am intense and that sometimes frightens people. I become defensive when I feel threatened or caught out in the wrong. I like warmth. I want to be humble but on occasions, I feel that I know better than others and become controlling. I hate this feeling. I worry about my children’s future and I want to make it all better for them but I try to let go and trust that things will work out for the best and they will be fine. But I find it difficult to shake off the sense of responsibility and wanting to make everything better for everyone.
inspired by Joanna Cifre Cerda


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