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number 708
The biggest factor in my life I think that has made me who I am has been my lack of confidence in myself, stemmed from childhood of being abused no way a child ever should and re-enforced by my parents telling me to stay put of sight and unheard alone in my room because I was an embarrassment. This of course lent me to another to a world of imagination, drawing and painting, and be resourceful. I could escape in story. For years as an adult I held the belief that I am not good enough for a career or love or friend ship. Leading me to push others away, lie about myself and not try hard to achieve because I would just fail anyway. I still don’t like to be touched if I don’t trust the person. These days I have learnt how to talk to people more, I have been in a relationship for a number of years now. I have been building up practice in drawing and painting again. It was the thing I wanted to be doing but never could because of self doubt. I think most of all what makes me the person who I am is my imagination and my resourcefulness.
inspired by Anthony Osman


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