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This image is one in a series made in collaboration with The Hope Centre. Hope helps over 3,000 people every month who are homeless, hungry or living in hardship.

number 797
I am the most kindhearted but I could kill if needed.  I am on cloud nine I until am in the gutter.  I laugh hysterically and I could cry a river.  I am generous to a fault but I will hoard and covet things.  I can go all day without eating then eat all day without thinking.  I am fun and excitable when drunk.  I am argumentative and nasty when drunk.  I would give my life for the world, yet the world owns me a living.  I am the second coming with love.  I am evil personified with hate.  I AM BIPOLAR.  This could describe anybody but a bipolar person will feel them stronger.  It’s a very tiring place to be for us.
inspired by Karen


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